North Shore Vintage Car Club

Founded in 1973

Parts for Sale

  1. Sunbeam Talbot: 1st gear $25 - email:
  2. 1920's Swift: engine and gearbox $250: email
  3. 1926 Buick: multiplate clutch assembly $200: email
  4. 1926-1928 Standard: aluminium crankcase $35: email
  5. 1926 Morris Bolee: various parts at various prices: email:
  6. 1949 Bedford Truck Cab: needs repairs. Offers: email
  7. Tyres: 5 Excelsior "Stahl Sport" Radial size: 5.50R17 $570.00 each (new price $622.00) - Contact: Bruce phone 027 233 4220
  8. Towing A frame: coupling included $20.00: email
  9. Tyres: 5 "Lucas" vintage tyres, 6.00 x 20. Condition looks excellent. Photos available on request. Offers. Please contact Mike Swanton: Email at:

Parts Wanted

Nothing requested at this time

Vehicles for Sale

1 - 1928 Dodge FastFour 128: Last on the road in 2004. It is on blocks in storage. Registration on hold. The car is complete and tidy both inside and out. Tyre's look good, side walls are fine. There is a trunk on the back. One minor problem. There is a crack in the inlet manifold. $25,000 ONO. The vehicle can be viewed in Gisborne. Interested parties please phone: Dal Jackson 029 778 1326. Photos available on request

2 - 1954 Hillman Californian: Current WOF & REG. Phone: David Wright 021 628 847

Situation Vacant

Cabinet Maker/Woodworker: To restore/rebuild the wooden body of a 1938 Vauxhall 25. I have two cars in poor condition and I want to rebuild one, hopefully using some of the wooden frames from the two cars. I'm up to the stage of wanting a woodie who can study the two cars and decompose the two frames. That will enable me to rebuild the steel outer shell, prepare and paint, before the wooden frame can be rebuilt in that shell. The cars are in Dairy Flat. Please contact Mike Swanton by email:

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