North Shore Vintage Car Club

Founded in 1973

Parts for Sale

  1. Sunbeam Talbot: 1st gear $25 - email:
  2. 1926 Buick: multiplate clutch assembly $200: email
  3. 1926-1928 Standard: aluminium crankcase $35: email
  4. 1926 Morris Bolee: various parts at various prices: email:
  5. 1949 Bedford Truck Cab: needs repairs. Offers: email
  6. Towing A frame: coupling included $20.00: email
  7. 1930 Swift: Engine, Clutch Assembly and gearbox. Condition unknown $475.00 - email  

Parts Wanted

  1. 1955 Nash Statesman windscreen. Same as 1955-1957 Nash Ambassador and Hudson Hornet. New or used, and any other spares considered for restoration. Phone Kyle 02041746881 or emal:

Vehicles for Sale

Nothing available at this stage

Vehicles Wanted

Nothing requested at this time.

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