North Shore Vintage Car Club

Founded in 1973

Chairman’s AGM Report

June 2017 

Greetings to one and all. 

Since last year’s AGM there have been a number of things happening around the Branch, with regular maintenance being done to the Clubrooms and Library, replacing some weatherboards and painting of the veranda. Some inspections of the roof revealed a few minor items to attend to where water leaks from heavy rain had penetrated. These have been attended to and all seems well now. Repairs to the Flat, where a plumbing leak occurred have now been completed. Thank you to all members who have helped out over the years keeping the grounds and clubrooms in good condition.

The Debentures we raised (to allow us to put a concrete floor in the Storage shed) have now all been repaid in full. 

We had a visit from a member of VERA (Vintage Engine Restorers Association) to look at the stationary engines we have, and was able to advise us of the type of Magneto required for the 1901Olin Engine we have been restoring. I have since found some information which may allow us to make an electronic version of the magneto. 

We had some heavy machinery accessing the Motorway verge adjoining our boundary, doing test bores in preparation for the construction of the next stage of the Bus-way to/from Silverdale. They asked and were granted temporary access through our property. 

Late last year Taggers attacked the side wall of the Restoration shed adjacent to the Motorway and we had a repainting session to remove Graffiti. Discussions at the next committee meeting approved the purchase of a security camera/recording set up, which is in the process of being installed. 

Our new Web-site, managed very ably by Mike Garner, is going extremely well with many visits and enquiries resulting in a number of new members joining our branch. 

At the end of January, our branch was the Hosting branch for the Re-enactment of the 1917 Parliamentary Tour of the Far North, organised by Barry Birchall, along with a small committee, and a very successful tour resulted. 

Our Branch was also the host branch for the National Executive Meeting, held in Auckland in March, and I would like to thank those members who helped at the airport and at the Meeting venue. 

The Branch is in a good very good position and the committee has done a great job over the last year, keeping it running smoothly. Thanks again to all involved. 

Paul Collins  -  Branch Chairman


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