North Shore Vintage Car Club

Founded in 1973

Chairman’s AGM Report

June 2018 

Our branch has seen much activity over the last year, with regular maintenance work being done both around the club grounds and to the clubrooms as well, with repairs to the roof around the skylights, replacement of banister posts and rail repairs, painting of window sills, fascia’s and weatherboards. The library building has also had some timber replaced and painting as well as extra shelving, with much sorting of books by our librarian. The Parts shed has also had new clear sheeting replaced in the roof as some had begun to crack and leak. Thank you to all who have helped with this work. 

The gravelled area has been upgraded, with crushed concrete spread and rolled to greatly enhance the grounds and make it a much nicer surface to walk and drive on. Thanks to the small group of volunteers who help with this task. 

Security Cameras have also been installed around the sheds and the alarm system has also had some upgrading covering the sheds, and allowing for separate areas to be controlled individually. 

At our monthly committee meetings, we regularly look ahead at up-coming maintenance requirements, and plan for these situations and remedies as needed. 

With more people turning up regularly every Thursday morning, the vehicle restorations are moving ahead quite well. Some times it can be a little crowded in the shed but there are always little jobs to be done and extra hands make light work of these. Also this has meant we have not needed to call for any special working bees. 

We were fortunate to have been donated a 20 foot container, which now sits alongside the Parts shed, and will provide additional storage for some of the larger spare parts as well as wheels from the current storage in the tractor shed. Much sorting of parts has taken place and listing on computer has begun. We really do need extra space which is why we have been investigating an additional shed – (more later). 

Club runs have been well supported over the year, with a variety of Rallies and Tours to places of interest drawing good numbers each month. 

My thanks go to the committee who work really well to keep the branch in such a good status. Much appreciation also goes to all who have helped out over the year. It is great to see such good progress. 

Paul Collins

Branch Chairman 


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